The Sanken CUB-01 Boundary Microphone: Unveiling The Innovation


In the realm of audio recording, the quest for the perfect microphone can seem endless. With the introduction of the Sanken CUB-01 boundary microphone,

However, audio professionals, filmmakers, tech enthusiasts, and sound engineers might find the search drawing to a close.

This groundbreaking device not only challenges the conventional limitations of boundary microphones but sets a new standard for sound quality and versatility.

Design And Features

The Sanken CUB-01 boasts a unique and exclusive design that sets it apart from its predecessors. Unlike traditional boundary microphones, which often appear bulky and intrusive,

The CUB-01 is compact, measuring just 32.5mm in diameter and 14mm in height, and weighing a mere 45g.

Despite its small stature, this microphone delivers sound quality that rivals, and often surpasses, that of much larger microphones.

Versatile Applications


The versatility of the CUB-01 is one of its most compelling features.

Its design and size make it ideal for a wide array of applications—from TV and film field shooting to broadcast studio production and conference table recording.

The microphone’s ease of concealment and flexibility in positioning allows for creative placement, such as attaching it to the ceiling of a car with two-sided sticky tape, ensuring that it remains unseen by the camera while capturing crystal-clear audio.

Advanced Technology

At the heart of the CUB-01’s superior performance is Sanken’s advanced technology. The microphone features a unique square-shaped capsule that houses the diaphragm.

This proprietary design significantly enlarges the effective area of the diaphragm, which, in turn, enhances the microphone’s ability to capture rich and natural sound.

The CUB-01 employs cardioid directional characteristics that emphasize human narration and dialogue, clearly recording voices while minimizing unwanted background noise.

Sound Quality


The sound characteristics of the CUB-01 mark a departure from those of traditional boundary microphones, which are often criticized for sounding “thin,” “solid,” and “metallic.”

The CUB-01, on the other hand, offers a sound that is both rich and natural, with a flat response down to 70Hz.

This enables the microphone to produce a “full-bodied” and “clear” sound, ensuring that human narration and dialogue are prominently captured, free from the intrusion of unnecessary background noise.

Color Options

Understanding the importance of aesthetics in professional settings, the Sanken CUB-01 is available in gray, beige, and white.

These color options provide users with the flexibility to choose a microphone that best matches their specific environment, further enhancing the device’s discreet nature.

Purchase Options


For those interested in integrating the Sanken CUB-01 into their audio recording setup, the microphone is readily available for purchase through various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, B&H Photo Video, and Sweetwater.

These platforms offer convenience for online purchases, allowing audio professionals and enthusiasts to easily acquire this innovative microphone.


The Sanken CUB-01 boundary microphone represents a significant leap forward in audio recording technology.

With its exclusive design, exceptional sound quality, and versatility in application, it stands poised to become a staple in the arsenals of audio professionals across various industries.

Whether used in film production, broadcast studios, or conference settings, the CUB-01 is sure to deliver unparalleled audio clarity and richness.

As the audio recording landscape continues to evolve, the Sanken CUB-01 is at the forefront, leading the way with innovation and excellence.

Its widespread adoption across different audio recording scenarios is not just anticipated but eagerly awaited.

For audio professionals, filmmakers, broadcasting industry veterans, content creators, and sound engineers looking to elevate their recording capabilities,

The Sanken CUB-01 offers an unmatched solution. Its blend of advanced technology, superior sound quality, and aesthetic versatility makes it an essential tool for any audio recording task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Sanken CUB-01 be used outdoors?

Yes, the CUB-01 is versatile enough to be used outdoors, especially in TV and film field shooting.

How does the microphone’s square-shaped capsule benefit sound capture?

The square-shaped capsule enhances the diaphragm’s effective area, improving the microphone’s sensitivity and sound capture capabilities.

What makes the CUB-01 different from traditional boundary microphones?

Its compact size, unique square-shaped capsule, and superior sound quality set it apart from traditional boundary microphones.

Is the Sanken CUB-01 suitable for professional music recording?

While primarily designed for spoken voice applications, its excellent sound quality makes it suitable for capturing musical performances as well.

Can the microphone be used for streaming or podcasts?

Yes, its clarity and sound richness make it ideal for streaming and podcasts.

How does the cardioid directional characteristic benefit users?

It helps in clearly capturing voices while effectively reducing background noise, making it ideal for dialogue and narration.

Are there any accessories included with the microphone?

The original article doesn’t specify accessories, so it’s best to check the product details from the seller for this information.

How does the color option of the microphone contribute to its application?

The different color options (gray, beige, and white) allow for better concealment and aesthetic matching in various settings.

What is the warranty period for the Sanken CUB-01?

Warranty information isn’t provided in the article; customers should inquire with the retailer or manufacturer directly.

Is it easy to install the CUB-01 in various setups?

Yes, its compact size and flexibility allow for easy installation in diverse recording environments.
Understanding these aspects of the Sanken CUB-01 Boundary Microphone helps clarify its function and advantages, ensuring informed decisions for potential users.

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