Frontier 650 Scout 6×6: Adventure Unleashed

In the realm of outdoor exploration and off-road adventures, few vehicles command the attention and admiration quite like the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6.

With its robust design, innovative features, and unparalleled performance, this amphibious powerhouse represents the pinnacle of versatility and capability in the realm of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Introduction to the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6

Introduction to the Frontier 650 Scout 6x6

Imagine embarking on your hunting expedition or wilderness exploration with the confidence that your vehicle can handle any challenge thrown its way.

Enter the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 – a vehicle engineered to transcend boundaries and unlock new realms of adventure.

Whether you’re traversing rugged trails, navigating through water bodies, or hauling heavy loads, the Frontier Scout 6×6 stands ready to accompany you on your journey.

Unraveling the Features

At the heart of the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 lies a combination of advanced technologies and rugged construction, meticulously designed to deliver uncompromising performance in diverse environments. Let’s delve deeper into the key features that set this vehicle apart:

Power and Performance

Central to the Frontier Scout’s capabilities is its VX 650 engine, a formidable V-Twin powerplant renowned for its reliability and efficiency.

With fan cooling technology and lightweight construction, this engine packs a punch while remaining agile and responsive to the demands of off-road terrain.

Whether you’re scaling steep inclines or traversing through mud and debris, the VX 650 engine ensures you have the power needed to conquer any challenge.

Instant Torque Clutch (ITC)

Instant Torque Clutch (ITC)

Enhancing the Frontier Scout’s acceleration and low-end torque is the Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) system. Engineered to optimize gear ratios seamlessly throughout the entire range, the ITC ensures that you have instant access to the vehicle’s full power potential whenever the need arises.

Whether you’re navigating through tricky terrain or hauling heavy loads, the ITC system delivers unmatched performance and responsiveness, empowering you to tackle any obstacle with confidence.

Classic Transmission with APS

The Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 is equipped with a Classic transmission, renowned for its simplicity and reliability in off-road applications.

Operating similar to a mechanical skid steer, this transmission offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing for precise control and zero-radius turns even in the most challenging environments.

Coupled with ARGO Progressive Steering (APS), the Classic transmission ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience, regardless of the terrain or conditions.

Heavy-Duty Front Rack and Winch

For hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, the ability to haul gear and equipment is paramount. The Frontier Scout 6×6 comes equipped with a heavy-duty front rack, providing ample space to secure your hunting gear, camping supplies, or any other essentials for your adventure.

Additionally, a powerful winch with a 2500 lb capacity is integrated into the vehicle, offering assistance during high-angle extractions or challenging terrain situations.

With the winch and front rack combination, you’re equipped to tackle any scenario with confidence and ease.

TrueTimber Prairie Camo

Stealth and camouflage are essential elements of any successful hunting expedition. The Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 features TrueTimber Prairie camo, a cutting-edge camouflage pattern designed to blend seamlessly with natural surroundings.

Whether you’re stalking game in the forest or navigating through dense vegetation, TrueTimber Prairie camo ensures that you remain concealed and undetected, maximizing your chances of a successful hunt.

Steel Rims and Amphibious Capability

Designed to withstand the rigors of off-road terrain, the Frontier Scout 6×6 features steel offset rims and low-pressure 24” tires with a paddle design.

Custom-engineered for optimized traction and stability, these tires provide exceptional grip on the most extreme surfaces, including mud, rocks, and loose gravel.

Additionally, the vehicle’s amphibious capability allows it to navigate through water bodies with ease, thanks to its one-piece amphibious lower body design.

Whether you’re crossing streams or traversing swamps, the Frontier Scout’s amphibious capabilities ensure that no terrain is off-limits.


EngineVX 650
Fuel SystemCarburetor
CoolingFan Cooled
Alternator Output (Max)20 Amps
Service BrakesHydraulic
Steering BrakesHydraulic
Auto Chain LubricationAccessory
Easy Access Grease SystemStandard
Brake Cooling FanAccessory
TransmissionClassic w/APS
Drive BeltStandard
Full Skid PlateStandard
Winch2500 lb
Front RackStandard
Cargo BoxN/A
Bilge PumpStandard
Stretcher FrameN/A
Rear MeshN/A
Power Dump BoxN/A
Load Capacity – Land490 lb (222 kg)
Load Capacity – Water290 lb (132 kg)
Towing Capacity1,200 lb (544 kg)
Seating Capacity – Land4
Seating Capacity – Water2
Fuel Capacity8.5 gal (32 L)
Speed – Land22 mph (35 km/h)
Speed – Water3 mph (5 km/h)
Weight1,050 lb (476 kg)
Length (includes winch when standard)103 in (2,616 mm)
Width58 in (1,473 mm)
Height51 in (1,295 mm)
Axle Bearing ExtensionsN/A
Entry StepAccessory
TiresARGO XT115 24X10-8
WheelSteel Offset
Ground Pressure (18″ Rubber Tracks)0.73 psi (5 kPa)
Ground Clearance (Tires)10 in (254 mm)
Ground Clearance (Tracks)11 in (279 mm)
Warranty3 Year
ColorsTrueTimber Prairie Camo


The Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 represents more than just a vehicle; it’s a gateway to unparalleled adventure and exploration in the great outdoors.

With its powerful engine, innovative features, and rugged design, the Frontier Scout empowers outdoor enthusiasts to push the boundaries of their adventures and create lasting memories in the wilderness.

Whether you’re embarking on a hunting expedition, exploring remote trails, or simply enjoying the serenity of nature, the Frontier Scout 6×6 is your ultimate companion for all-season adventures.

As you prepare for your next outdoor escapade, consider the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 – where good times are not just a possibility but a guarantee.


What sets the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 apart from other off-road vehicles?

Its amphibious capability, powerful VX 650 engine, Instant Torque Clutch system, and TrueTimber Prairie camo make it a standout option for off-road exploration.

How does the Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) system improve performance?

The ITC system optimizes gear ratios seamlessly for enhanced low-end torque and acceleration, ensuring smooth navigation through challenging terrain.

Can the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 accommodate passengers and gear?

Yes, it features ample space for both passengers and gear, including a heavy-duty front rack, making it suitable for extended outdoor adventures.

How does the Frontier 650 Scout 6×6 handle different terrains, including water?

Its rugged construction, steel rims with low-pressure tires, and amphibious capability enable it to navigate various terrains with ease, including water bodies, thanks to its one-piece amphibious lower body design.

What is the top speed of the ARGO Frontier 6×6?

Approximately 20-25 mph on land and 3-4 mph on water.

Which is better, ARGO 6×6 or 8×8?

It depends on the intended use. The 6×6 offers maneuverability, while the 8×8 provides superior traction and load capacity.

How much is the ARGO 6×6?

Prices range from $10,000 to $20,000 for new models, with used models available at lower prices.

How much does an ARGO Frontier cost?

Prices for new models start around $15,000 and can go up to $30,000 or more. Used models may be cheaper depending on condition and age.

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