Kase Abusharkh: A Leader In Commercial Real Estate And Philanthropy

Kase Abusharkh

Kase Abusharkh is a renowned commercial real estate figure known for his expertise in acquisitions, finance, and development.

As the founder of The Kase Group and a Partner at Bear Equities, Kase has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a commitment to excellence in his field.

Beyond his professional achievements, he is also a dedicated philanthropist, contributing to kidney transplant research and supporting scholarships for needy students.

This article delves into Kase Abusharkh’s career, accomplishments, education, and philanthropic endeavors, highlighting his impact and legacy.

Professional Background

Founding Principal of The Kase Group

Kase Abusharkh founded The Kase Group in 2006, a firm that specializes in commercial real estate transactions.

Under his leadership, the company has grown to handle billions of dollars in transactions and offer services in acquisitions, financing, and development.

Partner At Bear Equities

As a Partner at Bear Equities, Kase Abusharkh continues to leverage his extensive experience in the real estate market.

His role involves strategic decision-making and guiding the firm through complex transactions, further solidifying his reputation in the industry.

Former Chief Investment Officer at American Realty Capital – Retail Centers of America

As Chief Investment Officer at American Realty Capital – Retail Centers of America, Kase was instrumental in raising capital and acquiring properties for a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

His strategic vision and leadership were critical to the merger that created a $4 billion diversified REIT.


Significant achievements mark Kase Abusharkh’s career:

  • Oversaw billions of dollars in transactions for clients: Kase’s expertise has been pivotal in managing large-scale transactions ensuring successful outcomes for his clients.
  • Successfully raised capital and acquired properties for a REIT: His ability to secure funding and identify lucrative investment opportunities has contributed to the REIT’s growth and stability.
  • Contributed to a significant REIT merger: Kase played a crucial role in forming a $4 billion diversified REIT, showcasing his strategic acumen and industry insight.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Economics

Kase Abusharkh earned his bachelor’s in Business & Economics from St. Mary’s College of California.

This educational foundation provided him with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the competitive commercial real estate field.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree at Brown University

Kase is pursuing a master’s degree at Brown University, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning.

This advanced education will further enhance his expertise and leadership capabilities.


Kase Abusharkh is a successful business leader and a passionate philanthropist. His contributions to various causes reflect his dedication to positively impacting society.

Supporting Kidney Transplant Research

Kase co-founded a fund at Stanford Medicine that supports kidney transplant research.

This initiative aims to advance medical research and improve outcomes for patients undergoing kidney transplants.

Scholarships For Students in Need

Recognizing the importance of education, Kase established a scholarship for Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory students impacted by illness.

This scholarship provides financial assistance to students facing health challenges, helping them pursue their academic goals.

Board of Regents at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

Kase serves on the Board of Regents at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, contributing his leadership and strategic vision to the institution.

His involvement ensures the school’s continued growth and success.

Awards And Recognition

Kase Abusharkh’s humanitarian efforts have earned him several awards, acknowledging his significant contributions to philanthropy and community service.


Kase Abusharkh’s impressive career in commercial real estate, combined with his dedication to philanthropy, makes him a distinguished leader and a role model.

His work in founding The Kase Group, partnering with Bear Equities, and contributing to significant real estate transactions underscores his expertise and influence in the industry.

Moreover, his philanthropic efforts in supporting kidney transplant research and scholarships demonstrate his commitment to giving back to the community.

Kase Abusharkh’s legacy is one of professional excellence and heartfelt generosity, impacting the real estate sector and the lives of those he helps.


Who is Kase Abusharkh?

Kase Abusharkh is a commercial real estate professional and philanthropist who founded The Kase Group and is a Partner at Bear Equities.

What is The Kase Group?

The Kase Group is a commercial real estate firm founded by Kase Abusharkh in 2006, specializing in acquisitions, financing, and development.

What role does Kase Abusharkh have at Bear Equities?

He is a Partner at Bear Equities, where he leverages his extensive real estate experience to guide the firm through complex transactions.

What is Kase Abusharkh’s educational background?

Kase holds a bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics from St. Mary’s College of California and is pursuing a master’s degree at Brown University.

What philanthropic efforts is Kase Abusharkh involved in?

He co-founded a fund supporting kidney transplant research at Stanford Medicine and established a scholarship for students impacted by illness at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

What significant achievements has Kase Abusharkh accomplished in real estate?

Kase has overseen billions of dollars in transactions, raised capital, acquired properties for a REIT, and contributed to a significant REIT merger.

What was Kase Abusharkh’s role at American Realty Capital – Retail Centers of America?

He served as Chief Investment Officer, raising capital and acquiring properties, and played a key role in a significant REIT merger.

Why is Kase Abusharkh pursuing a master’s degree at Brown University?

Kase is committed to continuous learning and enhancing his expertise and leadership skills.

What awards has Kase Abusharkh received for his humanitarian work?

He has received several awards recognizing his significant contributions to philanthropy and community service.

How can I learn more about Kase Abusharkh’s work and achievements?

You can visit The Kase Group and Bear Equities’ websites or read interviews and articles that feature his professional and philanthropic efforts.

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