UPMC Shift Select Revolutionizing Healthcare Scheduling

UPMC Shift Select

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, effective workforce management tools are essential to ensure seamless operations.

UPMC Shift Select emerges as a valuable solution for UPMC employees, providing a user-friendly platform to manage shifts efficiently.

This article will delve into the various aspects of UPMC Shift Select, offering tips, tricks, and insights to help users make the most of this online shift management tool.

Understanding UPMC Shift Select:

UPMC Shift Select is an online platform designed to assist UPMC employees in viewing and selecting available shifts easily.

With features that allow users to search for shifts based on specific criteria such as date, time, location, and position type, the tool streamlines the process of managing work schedules.

The platform also provides information on shift requirements, including minimum hours per week, enabling employees to make informed decisions.

Features Of UPMC Shift Select

The genius of Shift Select lies in its comprehensive features. Employees revel in the autonomy of selecting shifts, requesting time off, and swapping shifts without the back-and-forth of traditional methods.

Meanwhile, managers gain unparalleled real-time visibility into staffing needs, making informed decisions to ensure coverage without the headache of manual scheduling.

Key features include:

  1. Autonomous Shift Selection: Employees can choose their shifts, request time off, and swap shifts without the usual back-and-forth.
  2. Real-Time Staffing Insights: Managers have immediate access to staffing needs, allowing for informed and timely decisions.
  3. Mobile Accessibility: A dedicated mobile app ensures that the system is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  4. Integration with Existing Systems: Shift Select seamlessly integrates with UPMC’s existing electronic health records (EHR) and other systems.

Benefits of UPMC Shift Select

The introduction of Shift Select at UPMC has heralded a new era of operational efficiency and employee empowerment.

The manual, labor-intensive scheduling processes of yesteryears are replaced with a streamlined system that not only saves time but also significantly cuts down labor costs.

Employees, now with greater control over their work-life balance, report heightened job satisfaction, leading to a virtuous cycle of improved morale and reduced turnover.

Here are some of the standout benefits:

Time Savings: Automated scheduling processes reduce the time and effort required for manual scheduling.

Cost Reduction: Lower labor costs due to more efficient scheduling and reduced overtime.

Employee Satisfaction: Greater control over work-life balance leads to higher job satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Improved Morale: A more flexible and responsive scheduling system enhances overall staff morale.

How UPMC Shift Select Works

UPMC Shift Select
UPMC Shift Select

For employees, the process is a breeze. Log in, view your schedule, request time off, or swap shifts with just a few clicks.

Managers, on the other hand, are equipped to create schedules, approve requests, and monitor staffing levels effortlessly.

The system’s mobile app ensures that this seamless experience is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Using UPMC Shift Select is straightforward for both employees and managers. Here’s how it works:

For Employees:

  1. Log In: Access the system through the web or mobile app.
  2. View Schedule: See upcoming shifts and availability.
  3. Request Time Off: Submit requests for time off easily.
  4. Swap Shifts: Exchange shifts with colleagues with just a few clicks.

For Managers:

  1. Create Schedules: Develop and publish schedules.
  2. Approve Requests: Review and approve time-off and shift swap requests.
  3. Monitor Staffing Levels: Keep an eye on staffing needs in real time.

Getting Started with UPMC Shift Select:

UPMC Shift Select
UPMC Shift Select

Creating an Account:

To begin using UPMC Shift Select, employees need to create an account. Logging in provides access to a comprehensive list of available shifts.

Filtering Shifts:

The platform allows users to filter shifts based on location, position, and other preferences. This feature simplifies the process of finding shifts that align with individual needs.

Application Process:

Once a desirable shift is found, users can apply by clicking the “Apply” button. This initiates a simple process where employees provide information about their availability and qualifications.

Notification and Confirmation:

If selected for a shift, users receive notifications via email or text message. The option to confirm or decline the shift is then presented. Upon acceptance, employees are ready to fulfill their scheduled responsibilities.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Use of UPMC Shift Select:

Tips and Tricks for Successful Use of UPMC Shift Select:
Tips and Tricks for Successful Use of UPMC Shift Select:

Plan Ahead:

Regularly check the Shift Select website, plan your availability in advance, and increase your chances of securing desired shifts.

Be Flexible:

Consider alternative shifts if your preferred one is unavailable. Being open to “floating” shifts can increase opportunities.

Communication with Co-workers:

Communicate with colleagues about your schedule preferences and explore shift trading possibilities to enhance flexibility.

Utilize the “Notes” Section:

When selecting a shift, include any relevant information in the notes section to ensure smooth coordination.

Bidding on Shifts That Match Your Needs:

UPMC Shift Select
UPMC Shift Select

Know the System:

Familiarize yourself with UPMC Shift Select to optimize your usage and improve your chances of securing suitable shifts.

Utilize Keywords:

When searching for shifts, use keywords to narrow down results based on your preferences, such as “night shift” or “overnight shift.”

Be Flexible:

Keep an open mind, explore all available options, and be adaptable in your search for the shifts that best fit your needs.

Check Back Often:

Stay updated on new shifts by regularly revisiting the platform, ensuring you don’t miss out on any new opportunities.

Helpful Features in UPMC Shift Select:

Helpful Features in UPMC Shift Select:
Helpful Features in UPMC Shift Select:

View Open Shifts:

Access a comprehensive list of open shifts across UPMC facilities to find the best match for your schedule.

Filter Open Shifts:

Utilize filters based on facility, unit, shift type, days of the week, and start time to narrow down options.

Block Out Unavailability:

Ensure the tool aligns with your schedule by blocking out specific days or times when you are unavailable.

Select Multiple Shifts:

Streamline your request process by selecting multiple shifts at once, simplifying the scheduling process.

Future Of Scheduling With UPMC Shift Select

Looking ahead, the horizon is bright for Shift Select. With plans for further enhancements and potential expansions into other departments, UPMC is on a path to redefine healthcare scheduling.

The focus on incorporating feedback and exploring new features signifies a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability.


UPMC Shift Select emerges as a powerful tool in the healthcare industry, streamlining shift management for UPMC employees.

By understanding its features and implementing the provided tips and tricks, users can maximize their efficiency, ensuring a smooth and successful experience with this online shift management platform.

Whether bidding on shifts, utilizing helpful features, or addressing frequently asked questions, UPMC Shift Select stands out as a valuable asset in the dynamic landscape of healthcare workforce management.


What is UPMC Shift Select, and how does it benefit employees?

UPMC Shift Select is an online tool designed for UPMC employees to view and select available shifts. It streamlines the scheduling process, providing benefits such as simplified shift management, improved visibility of available shifts, and enhanced flexibility for employees.

How do I get started with UPMC Shift Select?

To begin using UPMC Shift Select, create an account and log in. Once logged in, you can view a list of available shifts, filter them based on preferences, and apply for shifts that match your schedule and qualifications.

What are some tips for successful use of UPMC Shift Select?

Successful use of UPMC Shift Select involves planning ahead, being flexible in shift choices, effective communication with co-workers, and utilizing the notes section when selecting a shift. These strategies enhance the likelihood of securing desired shifts.

Can I bid on shifts that match my specific needs with UPMC Shift Select?

Yes, UPMC Shift Select allows employees to bid on open shifts that fit their preferences. Familiarizing yourself with the system, using keywords for efficient searches, being flexible, and checking back often for new opportunities are essential tips for successful bidding.

What are some helpful features in UPMC Shift Select for nurses and healthcare professionals?

UPMC Shift Select offers features such as viewing and filtering open shifts, blocking out unavailability, and selecting multiple shifts at once. These features assist nurses and healthcare professionals in efficiently managing their work schedules and finding shifts that align with their preferences.

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