WWE Raw S31E8: Explosive Events & Future Storylines Analysis


Step into the electrifying world of professional wrestling as WWE Raw S31E8 takes center stage, unraveling explosive events that shape the landscape of the red brand.

Airing on November 21, 2022, this episode builds on the aftermath of the WarGames premium live event, propelling storylines forward and setting the stage for the much-anticipated Survivor Series.

Join us on a thrilling analysis as we delve into the key matches, segments, and moments that made WWE Raw S31E8 an unforgettable episode.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins: A Rivalry Heating Up

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The bitter feud between Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins continues to escalate, reaching new heights in their singles match on WWE Raw S31E8.

Dominik, fueled by a desire for revenge after Rollins’ despicable actions at WarGames, brought the fight to the villainous Rollins. The match showcased Dominik’s high-flying prowess and resilience, but Rollins’ sadistic mind games ultimately secured him the win with a Stomp after a hard-hitting encounter.

This intense rivalry promises more brutal battles in the months to come, with Rollins consistently tormenting the Mysterio family.

In a storyline reminiscent of classic wrestling conflicts, Dominik’s quest for retribution adds emotional depth to the narrative.

Rollins, the cunning antagonist, employs mind games as a tactical advantage, keeping the audience invested in the ongoing saga between the two competitors.

Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens: Controversy Reigns

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The veteran clash between Randy Orton and Kevin Owens unfolded in a slow and methodical manner, with mind games and trash talk adding layers to their confrontation.

Owens’ frog splash brought the crowd to its feet, showcasing his athleticism and resilience. However, a controversial finish saw Orton securing the victory with an RKO despite Owens’ foot being under the rope.

The post-match tension hinted at an unresolved rivalry, with Owens likely to demand a rematch soon. This controversial outcome adds intrigue to the ongoing storyline between these two seasoned competitors.

The controversy surrounding Orton’s victory introduces an element of unpredictability, leaving fans questioning the fairness of the decision.

Owens’ post-match frustration sets the stage for a potential rematch, injecting uncertainty into their narrative and maintaining viewer interest.

Keith Lee’s Impressive Comeback

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Former NXT Champion Keith Lee made a statement in WWE Raw S31E8 by scoring an impressive win over Dolph Ziggler.

Lee’s dominant performance, showcasing a blend of size, strength, and agility, re-establishes him as a force on the Raw roster. Ziggler’s veteran tactics failed to deter Lee, who secured a clean pin with his signature Spirit Bomb.

With Lee back in action after a year of setbacks, WWE demonstrates a commitment to reviving his momentum with this significant victory.

Lee’s resurgence not only solidifies his position as a dominant force but also signals WWE’s dedication to showcasing the diverse skill set of its roster.

The clean pin over Ziggler provides Lee with a strong platform for future storylines, inviting speculation about potential matchups and rivalries.

Clues for Survivor Series

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WWE Raw S31E8 planted key storyline seeds for Survivor Series, promising exciting matchups and intriguing developments:

Alexa Bliss’s eerie segment foreshadows continued involvement with the sinister Bray Wyatt character.

The Miz and Dexter Lumis hint at a potential showdown at Survivor Series, adding layers to their evolving rivalry.

Rhyno’s surprise return and attack on The Miz contribute to the building tension between Miz and Lumis.

The O.C. and The Judgment Day engage in a heated brawl, teasing a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

The Usos’ mockery of The Hurt Business hints at a champion vs. champion showdown, adding to the anticipation for Survivor Series.

These teased storylines for Survivor Series contribute to the anticipation surrounding the pay-per-view event, offering fans a glimpse into potential matchups and the evolution of existing rivalries. Each segment introduces a layer of complexity to the narrative, leaving audiences eager to witness the unfolding drama.


WWE Raw S31E8 delivered a captivating episode filled with intense rivalries, unexpected twists, and significant developments.

From the continued saga between Rollins and Dominik to the controversial finish in the Orton-Owens clash, each storyline has been propelled forward, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the showdowns that await at Survivor Series.

With Keith Lee’s resurgence and the intriguing seeds planted for future events, WWE Raw continues to showcase compelling storytelling and in-ring action, making it essential viewing for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

As we look ahead, Survivor Series promises to be a must-watch event, fueled by the explosive events and storylines unveiled in WWE Raw S31E8.


Q: What date did WWE Raw S31E8 air?

A: WWE Raw S31E8 circulated on Monday, November 21, 2022.

Q: Who did Seth Rollins face on Raw S31E8?

A: Seth Rollins confronted Dominik Mysterio in a major singles match on the show.

Q: How did the match between Rollins and Dominik end?

A: Rollins crushed Dominik subsequent to hitting him with the Step. The rivalry between the two is still ongoing.

Q: What controversial finish happened on Raw S31E8?

A: Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens by pinfall even though Owens’ foot was on the bottom rope. This has left their rivalry open for more clashes.

Q: Who did Keith Lee face and rout in the episode?

A: Keith Lee scored an impressive win over veteran Dolph Ziggler on Raw S31E8.

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