Rediscover the Thrills: Why You Should Read Hunter x Hunter

If you’re a devoted anime and manga enthusiast, the name “Hunter x Hunter” undoubtedly rings a bell. Madhouse’s 2011 anime adaptation of this beloved series has left an indelible mark on the anime community.

However, the journey doesn’t end there—there’s a treasure trove waiting for you in the manga. In this blog, we’ll explore why diving into the Hunter x Hunter manga is a must for fans and where to start.

The Unparalleled World of Hunter x Hunter

Madhouse’s anime adaptation, spanning 148 episodes, captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling, epic battles, and unforgettable characters.

The 2011 adaptation, in particular, stands as a pinnacle in the world of anime, showcasing brilliance that is hard to match.

Yet, even after almost a decade since its conclusion, Hunter x Hunter remains as fresh and exciting as the day it ended.

Where to Begin: Navigating the Hunter’s Journey

Hunter's Journey

2011 vs. 1999: Two Takes on Hunter x Hunter

Before delving into the manga, it’s crucial to know there are two anime adaptations—1999 and the highly regarded 2011 version by Madhouse.

While both offer unique flavors, the latter covers more manga chapters and boasts superior animation, voice acting, and fight scenes.

The hand-drawn 1990s animation of the original adds a distinct charm, creating an otherworldly vibe.

Arc by Arc: Understanding the Story Structure

To fully appreciate the manga, understanding its story arcs is essential. From the Hunter Exam to the Chimera Ant Arc, each segment offers a unique experience.

The story evolves, characters change, and challenges intensify, keeping the sense of adventure alive. It’s a testament to Yoshiro Togashi’s remarkable storytelling, making Hunter x Hunter arguably the best-written shonen anime of all time.

Beyond the Anime: Hunter x Hunter Manga

Hunter x Hunter Manga

The Long-Awaited Return

For fans eagerly awaiting more Hunter x Hunter content, the good news is here. After an extended hiatus, Yoshihiro Togashi is bringing the manga back with Chapter 391, continuing the Succession Contest arc.

The mangaka’s unconventional release schedule has only heightened the anticipation, and now the wait is over—for the time being.

Where to Read: Embracing the Digital Realm

In a world dominated by streaming services, Hunter x Hunter is no stranger. Viz Media’s Shonen Jump website offers a convenient platform to purchase and read the upcoming chapters online.

For those wanting to start from the beginning or catch up on previous chapters (1-390), Shonen Jump has made them available digitally.

If free is more to your liking, Manga Plus by Shueisha provides translated versions of Weekly Shonen Jump’s manga releases, including Hunter x Hunter, without any charge. It’s an official digital platform owned by the Japanese publication, Shueisha.

Where to Watch Hunter x Hunter

CrunchyrollWorldwide (Sub and Dub)Crunchyroll
HuluUnited States (Sub and Dub)Hulu
FunimationUnited States (Dub), United Kingdom (Sub and Dub)Funimation
Manga Plus by ShueishaWorldwide (Free, Sub)Manga Plus
VIZ Media (Manga)United States, Canada, UK, and more (Sub)VIZ Media

Note: Availability may vary based on region and changes over time. Check the respective platforms for the most up-to-date information.

Conclusion: The Hunter’s Legacy Continues

Hunter x Hunter is not merely an anime; it’s a journey that transcends mediums. Whether you’re reliving the anime’s magic or embarking on the manga for the first time, the world of hunters awaits.

So, grab your Nen, immerse yourself in the Succession Contest arc, and rediscover the thrills that only Hunter x Hunter can offer.

Remember, the adventure is about to begin again—don’t miss out on the action!


Q: Is the 2011 anime adaptation the only version of Hunter x Hunter available?

A: No, there was a 1999 adaptation as well. However, the 2011 version is highly regarded for its extended coverage and improved production quality.

Q: How many story arcs are there in Hunter x Hunter?

A: Hunter x Hunter is divided into several story arcs, including the Hunter Exam, Zoldyck Family, Heaven’s Arena, Yorknew City, Greed Island, Chimera Ant, and the 13th Hunter Chairman Election.

Q: What makes Hunter x Hunter unique among shonen anime?

A: Hunter x Hunter is known for its exceptional storytelling, diverse and well-developed characters, genre-bending arcs, and a willingness to explore complex themes and character dynamics.

Q: Are the two HxH movies, Phantom Rouge and The Last Mission, considered canon?

A: No, the movies are not considered canon, but they may contain minor spoilers. It’s advisable to watch them after finishing the series.

Q: What is the Succession Contest arc, and when does it continue in the manga?

A: The Succession Contest arc is the upcoming arc in Hunter x Hunter, continuing with Chapter 391 of the manga, releasing after a hiatus.

Q: Why did Hunter x Hunter go on so many hiatuses?

A: The mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi, is known for health issues, which led to several hiatuses. The irregular release schedule is a result of prioritizing the author’s well-being.

Q: How many chapters are currently available in the Hunter x Hunter manga?

A: As of now, there are 390 chapters available, with Chapter 391 being the upcoming release.

Q: Is the 1999 anime adaptation available for streaming?

A: Unfortunately, the 1999 version is not currently available to stream online.

Q: Where can I read Hunter x Hunter manga in the United States?

A: Viz Media’s Shonen Jump website provides a platform to purchase and read Hunter x Hunter manga chapters online for readers in the United States.

Q: What other manga works has Yoshihiro Togashi created?

A: In addition to Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi is known for creating the popular manga series Yu Yu Hakusho.

Q: Are there English dubbed versions available for Hunter x Hunter?

A: Yes, English dubbed versions of Hunter x Hunter are available on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Q: What is Nen in Hunter x Hunter, and why is it significant?

A: Nen is a complex power system in the series, allowing characters to use their life energy for various abilities. It adds depth and strategy to battles.

Q: Are there plans for a new Hunter x Hunter anime adaptation?

A: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there were no official announcements regarding a new anime adaptation. Check for recent updates for the latest information.

Q: Can I buy physical copies of the Hunter x Hunter manga?

A: Yes, physical copies of the Hunter x Hunter manga are available for purchase online and in bookstores. VIZ Media and other retailers offer both individual volumes and box sets.

Rediscover the Thrills: Why You Should Read Hunter x Hunter

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Rediscover the Thrills: Why You Should Read Hunter x Hunter

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