SSIS 816 vs. SSIS 2016: A Comprehensive Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, tools like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) play a pivotal role in streamlining tasks related to data integration, transformation, and migration.

Two prominent versions in focus are SSIS 816 and SSIS 2016, each bringing its own set of features, benefits, and certification courses.

Let’s embark on a comprehensive analysis to understand their significance and explore the learning benefits they offer.

SSIS 816: A Certification Journey

Certification Journey

Overview of SSIS 816

SSIS 816 is not just a version; it’s a certification exam offered by Microsoft to validate skills in implementing and developing SSIS projects.

It is designed to test expertise in SSIS tools and components, covering areas such as ETL package design, built-in transformations, scripting, configuration, logging, and deployment models.

Top Skills Covered in SSIS 816

Designing and implementing ETL packages

Utilizing built-in transformations

Implementing Script tasks and components

Configuring package parameters

Implementing logging for packages

Choosing deployment models based on requirements

Benefits of SSIS 816 Certification

SSIS 816 certification offers a tangible way to showcase proficiency in building robust data integration solutions.

Covering a spectrum of skills, it enables individuals to stand out in the competitive landscape, proving their capabilities in SSIS.

Key Features of SSIS 816

Key Features

Modern UI Design

SSIS 816 introduces a modern user interface, replacing the outdated design of previous versions. The new UI is intuitive, easy to navigate, and equipped with features like search functionality and drag-and-drop capabilities, enhancing the overall user experience.

Enhanced Security with Azure AD Authentication

Security is paramount, and SSIS 816 addresses this with Azure Active Directory authentication. This feature provides granular-level permissions for users and groups, offering heightened control over package access and ensuring data security.

Broad Data Connectivity

Connectivity is a strength of SSIS 816, allowing users to connect to a diverse range of data sources. From SQL Server to Salesforce, the platform supports various connectors, eliminating the need for additional drivers and enhancing efficiency.

Flexible Deployment Options

SSIS 816 provides robust tools for package deployment. Users can deploy packages to SQL Server, Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime, and Azure Data Factory using built-in features.

Advanced options like dtexec utility, SQL Server Agent, and Azure Pipelines offer flexibility in deployment.

SSIS 2016: Embracing Evolution

Embracing Evolution

Evolution of SSIS 2016

SSIS 2016 is a notable version that brought significant upgrades to the tool. It introduced features aimed at simplifying complex data-related tasks and enhancing data handling processes.

New Capabilities in SSIS 2016

Improved functionalities

Advanced data transformation capabilities

Enhanced automation features

Benefits of SSIS 2016

SSIS 2016 caters to a broad spectrum of users, including data analysts, developers, and business professionals.

Its advancements provide users with a more seamless experience in handling complex datasets and performing data-related tasks efficiently.

Choosing the Right Version: SSIS 816 or SSIS 2016

Choosing the Right Version

SSIS 816 – A Certification Path

Ideal for individuals seeking validation of SSIS skills

Covers a comprehensive range of SSIS components

Focuses on hands-on experience in building, deploying, and managing SSIS solutions

SSIS 2016 – Enterprise Data Integration

Suited for users requiring advanced data handling capabilities

Provides a user-friendly interface with improved features

Offers enhanced automation and transformation functionalities


In the data integration realm, SSIS 816 serves as a structured certification pathway, validating skills, while SSIS 2016 stands as an evolved version with enhanced features for robust data handling.

The choice between them depends on individual goals – SSIS 816 for certification seekers and SSIS 2016 for those desiring advanced data integration features.

Staying informed about the latest versions and certifications is crucial for optimal tool utilization in the dynamic world of data management.

Whether on a certification journey or adopting the latest version, SSIS remains a stalwart in the ever-expanding data solutions landscape.


What is SSIS 816, and how does it differ from SSIS 2016?

SSIS 816 is a certification exam from Microsoft, focusing on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) skills. In contrast, SSIS 2016 is an evolved version of SSIS with advanced features for data handling. Understanding their differences is crucial for choosing the right path based on individual goals.

Who can benefit from SSIS 816 certification?

SSIS 816 caters to a broad audience, including data analysts, developers, and business professionals involved in data management tasks within enterprises. The certification validates hands-on experience in building, deploying, and managing SSIS solutions.

What are the key features of SSIS 816, and how do they enhance data integration?

SSIS 816 introduces a modern UI design, enhanced security through Azure Active Directory authentication, and broad data connectivity options.

These features contribute to a more intuitive interface, improved security, and flexibility in connecting to various data sources, making data integration more efficient.

How does SSIS 816 differ from its previous versions in terms of benefits and capabilities?

SSIS 816 brings a major upgrade with a modern UI, enhanced security, and extended data connectivity. The certification covers a range of skills, including designing ETL packages, implementing transformations, configuring parameters, and managing security. Understanding these differences is essential for leveraging the latest capabilities.

What are the prerequisites for taking the SSIS 816 certification exam?

Aspiring candidates should have a basic knowledge of SQL Server, familiarity with SQL Server Management Studio, and an understanding of SQL queries, stored procedures, and database design.

While not mandatory, experience with Visual Studio and .NET programming can be beneficial for success in the SSIS 816 certification exam.

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